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We want to share with you a few of the thoughts and thanks received from our clients. While we have received hundreds of "thank you" letters, we thought the following were a good representation of our overall response...

"Thank you for all that you have done for us throughout the relocation process… you asked all the right questions to help us find exactly what we wanted … your knowledge of the different areas and builders made us glad that you were “in our corner” … you’re professionalism truly shined through, and you were always there when we had questions, day or night… we couldn’t have done this relocation without you, and for that we are eternally grateful!"

Charlie & Christa McKeown – Peoria, Arizona (moved here from Philadelphia, PA)

"Bob, you are a rare talent in the real estate marketplace… your ability to use your 'sixth sense', and focus in on locating our ideal home, was amazing… you made the experience fun and extremely enjoyable…during my career as corporate controller of Gap, Inc., CFO of Laura Ashley, CFO of London Fog, and CFO of Linens’ n Things, I was responsible for human resources and relocation, and can honestly say I have never been as impressed with anyone as you… "

Bill and Judy Richins – Anthem, Arizona (moved here from San Francisco, CA)

"We met Bob through his Internet site (; he, and the site, provided us with invaluable, unbiased information on the overall area… our decision process to relocate was a two-year process, in which Bob stayed in contact with us along the way… he managed all of the necessary arrangements we could not make, because of the distance… we gained a peace-of-mind during the transaction that we had not experienced with other realtors we had used in the past."

Jerry and Gwenn Woods – Scottsdale, Arizona (moved here from Chicago, IL)

"Before we even visited Arizona, you truly showed your dedication for months, in assistance by e-mail and telephone… communication isn’t just speaking; the greatest pat is listening, and you have a gift in that category… to be able to grasp exactly what a total stranger (initially) wants and needs in a home, is a talent that you possess… it is SO nice to know that there’s genuine and honest people willing to “give”, and never take advantage."
Paul and Gail Boomer – Mesa, Arizona (moved here from Michigan)
"We were continually impressed with your dedication to us… you made the relocation process very organized and efficient… we always appreciated your patience and thoroughness to make sure we saw everything we were interested in… although we were in California, and could not be there during the closing process, with your attention to detail, we were completely at ease relying on you to represent us… your high-level of service and integrity made working with you a complete pleasure."

Keith and Heather Wilkinson – Peoria, Arizona (moved here from California)

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